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Pedigree Software


Pedigree v4
Created by Chris Clement


Pedigree ScreenshotPedigree Software LogoPEDIGREE is a Windows 95/98 based program for producing high-quality pedigree printouts (several users have indicated that it also works under ME and XP). Although PEDIGREE has been designed with show dogs in mind, it can (and has) been used for cats, goats, horses, other animals and even people! Users enter name, title and pedigree information only once for each animal, no matter how many times it appears in pedigrees. Names, title and ancestry information will appear consistently across all pedigrees. Two to six generation pedigrees can be displayed on screen and printed to any windows-compatible printer. Many aspects of how pedigrees are displayed and printed are user adjustable including American vs. Canadian title style, the font style and colour of champions and non-champions, and others. Information on multiple breeds can be kept in separate databases, and the size of each database is limited only by available disk space.

Ease of use is a primary consideration. The main interface is centered around a displayed pedigree. The user interacts with the program either by clicking on the names shown on the pedigree, or through the main menu. Left-clicking on an animal's name (or a blank) allows the user to place another animal in that location in the pedigree, bringing all it's ancestors with it. Right-clicking on an animal's name brings up a pop-up menu to perform other actions on the animal such as editing it's information, pruning it from the displayed pedigree, or deleting it completely from the database.

Besides displaying and printing high-quality pedigrees, PEDIGREE can be used to perform inbreeding and relationship analyses. Take a look at a sample Inbreeding and Relationship Analysis Report.

Any number of databases can be maintained, one for each breed. This is particularly useful for those who would like to track more than one breed. Databases can also be merged, so that you can share pedigree information with other users.


Vista has a new security feature that helps users avoid installing spyware and other dangerous programs. During the install it opens a window and asks/warns you. This interrupts the installation of some programs, causing installation to abort. This feature is referred to as "UAC" - "User Account Control".

To fix this you must disable UAC. There are a lot of references on the web to do this simple fix- here is one example: http://www.petri.co.il/disable_uac_in_windows_vista_htm

Please be aware this is a security feature, and once disabled, and Pedigree is installed, you must then go back and ENABLE UAC to maintain security, once the download is complete.


This software is "shareware". That means you may distribute UNREGISTERED versions freely as long as you do not charge for it. This does not mean you may distribute your registration number freely. Your unique registration number is for your copy of PEDIGREE. You may use the software unregistered (i.e. for free) for a reasonable length of time for evaluation purposes. If you find it useful, and would like to continue using it, you must register it. Please encourage continued updates and support by registering your version of PEDIGREE.

You can receive the PEDIGREE software by downloading it from the internet. Downloaded copies are not registered - they can be registered later if you wish.

Download full PEDIGREE v4.0.6 installation package (12 Mb). This will download an unregistered version of PEDIGREE v4.0.6. The program is almost fully functional. However, printouts from an unregistered copy will print with a watermark saying "UNREGISTERED".

  Official PayPal Seal


Pedigree registration costs US $40, and entitles you to any future updates of Pedigree version 4. When they become available, these updates will be available for download from this web page.

Click here

to use PayPal to register your copy of PEDIGREE. Once registered, you will be directed to a web page with your registration number (PRINT IT OUT!). You will be able to enter this registration number in your downloaded copy of PEDIGREE to remove the "UNREGISTERED" watermark from the screen and your printouts.

Update to PEDIGREE 4.0.6

If you have PEDIGREE v4.0.0 through v4.0.5, you can update your version to 4.0.6 by downloading PED40.ZIP FOR FREE. This zipped file contains a single file, PED40.EXE, which must be copied over the existing file of the same name in your Pedigree directory (probably C:\Program Files\Pedigree).

Version 4.0.6 fixes a few bugs found in earlier versions and also adds a few minor features. Apologies to all of you who have been inconvenienced.

Known Issues in Version 4.0.6

Invalid Use of Nul Error

Blank (or Nul) records (records with no dog name) are somehow sneaking into Pedigree databases. I still haven't quite figured out how. If you see this error, you have one or more Nul records.

If you have Microsoft Access, you can try deleting the Nul records yourself. The best method is to find entries with blank names, enter a unique name (like xxxxx, yyyyy, zzzzz, etc.) for each, then go back to using Pedigree to delete these entries. This is safer than simply deleting the record in Access.

WARNING: Always work on a COPY of your database, in case things go wrong.

WARNING: Do not let Access "convert" your file - Pedigree will not be able to read it afterwards.

WARNING: If you mess up your database using Access, it cannot be fixed!

Windows XP and Landscape Printing

Although I have not tried it myself, I have heard from several users that the latest version of Pedigree works well under the various version of Windows XP. However, one problem is difficulty with printing in landscape mode. Selecting landscape orientation does not seem to have any effect.

The work-around for this problem is to set the print orientation to landscape prior to running Pedigree. You can do this by selecting "properties" on your default printer through windows. (I don't have XP, so I can't give you more detailed instructions. Under Win98, you can click on the Windows "Start" button, choose "Settings", then "Printers", then right-click on the default printer and select "Properties". It's probably pretty similar under XP.)

It may even be possible to change the print orientation through windows while running Pedigree, but I haven't heard of anyone trying this yet.

About PEDIGREE Databases

When you register this software you are paying for the use of the program itself. (More importantly, you are encouraging continued improvements to this program and to the development of similar programs in the future.) The database(s) included with this software, or downloaded from the PEDIGREE web site, are included for free. Didn't anyone ever warn you about free stuff?

The database(s) are probably mostly right, but there are no guarantees. The database(s) included with this software or downloaded from the PEDIGREE web site are based on many hours of work by many PEDIGREE users. People make mistakes. The only "verification" performed on the information in these databases is the double-checking performed all too infrequently by the many users of PEDIGREE. Some users will report errors in the database, and others don't bother. Also remember that dog information can change, particularly when it comes to titles. If you find what appears to be an error or omission, check your sources to satisfy yourself as to what is correct, then e-mail a note to me at liz@Jubileeshelties.com. Better yet, send me an updated version of the database to the same e-mail address.

Some effort will be made to fix errors found in the databases, but there is absolutely no guarantee that any of the information is absolutely correct. If the information you are interested in is important, such as when you are providing a pedigree with a puppy sale, double-check your pedigrees to make sure they are right.

It is possible that databases may be made available (free or for a charge) from other sources for use with this software. I have no problem with this. In fact, I think it would be a great idea if people were to make available some relatively complete, well verified, breed specific databases for a fee. You can always enter your own information or use one of the free databases if you don't want to pay the extra fee for a better database, but I expect many people would find a good database well worth the money. (However, I cannot be responsible for any inaccuracies or other problems with using databases obtained from here or someone else.)

If you have a Pedigree database that you would like to share with other Pedigree users, please e-mail it to me at liz@jubileeshelties.com. It can be an updated version of one of the databases already available below, or it can be an entirely new database. Either way, I'll make it available through this web page.

What About my PEDIGREE v3 Database?

You can import your PEDIGREE v3 database (called PEDIGREE.DAT) into PEDIGREE v4 quite easily. Simply copy the PEDIGREE.DAT file into your pedigree folder (probably "C:\program files\pedigree") then run PEDIGREE. The program will automatically notice the file, and ask you if you want to import it. After a few minutes, a new file called "Imported Data.mdb" with your old data will be created.

Note that PEDIGREE v4.0.0 through v4.0.4 had a bug in it that resulted in some names appearing as blanks after importing a v3 database. Version 4.0.5 fixed this bug.

Download PEDIGREE v4 Databases for Free:

The following PEDIGREE v4 databases, generously supplied by PEDIGREE users, are available for free download. Please be sure to read About PEDIGREE Databases before downloading any of these files. To use these files, you will have to download them and then unzip them. Each zip file contains a single pedigree database. Be sure to put the pedigree database (not the zip file) into your PEDIGREE folder (probably "C:\program files\pedigree") or some other convenient location. Remember that these files are databases ONLY, not full software packages. An installation of PEDIGREE v4 is required to use them.

Airedale Terrier (1095 dogs) [zip file 72 kb]

 Australian Shepherd (5,236 dogs) [zip file 356 kb]

 Belgian Tervuren (882 dogs) [zip file 115 kb]

 Collie (4,344 dogs) [zip file 1178 kb]

 English Cocker Spaniel (3,406 dogs) [zip file 183 kb]

 English Shelties (8,598 dogs) [zip file 493 kb] (e-mail Barbara Huth with errors & additions)

 German Shepherd (11,378 dogs) [zip file 669 kb]

 Keeshond (412 dogs) [zip file 39 kb]

 Miniature Pinscher (117 dogs) [zip file 16 kb]

 Miniature Schnauzer (17 dogs) [zip file 12 kb]

Shar-Pei [ zip file 66 kb]

 Shetland Sheepdog (21,392 dogs) [zip file 1.2 Mb]

 Shih Tzu (162 dogs) [zip file 25 kb]

 Yorkshire Terrier (526 dogs) [zip file 41 kb]

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